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About US

Providing innovative dental products and commitment to excellence since 1968, A-Implant Dental Laboratory is well regarded in the industry as the most consistent, precision based and customer service oriented dental laboratory

Our products and services, from basic dental prosthesis to very complex custom made implant supported structures, are made for dentists to conduct minimal required procedures with maximum results and satisfaction of their patients. We are bound together by commitment, excellence and innovation. We continue to lead by offering exclusive products and integrating the latest technology advancements for the fabrication of today's restorative demands.

While dependence on advanced technology is the key in many industries including dental, dentistry must continue to rely on highly skilled technicians who are artists capable of producing master dental products, and high end computerized systems and technologies. A Implant Dental Laboratoy is perfect bland of old master artistry and high end ultra modern computerized systems that are managed by our master technicians who have over 40 years of experience in the field and world-class skills.

At A-Implant Dental Laboratory we are committed to providing comprehensive, accurate and high-quality dental laboratory services. No other lab matches our attention to detail and design selection. A-Implant Dental Laboratory offers competitive fees for the complete range of products and services. We provide the highest quality materials, latest technologies and unrivaled customer service. A-Implant Dental Laboratory serves both private practices, and the nation's leading teaching institutions.

Quality Assurance

A-Implant Dental Laboratory implements a quality management system that is certified under ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003. The entire fabrication process from pouring of models to finished restorations is subject to our well established highest level quality assurance program. All our products are guaranteed by a one year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. We also offer five year extended warranty plan.


A-Implant Dental Lab is far beyond any other Dental Lab I have worked with. Their dedication to the "best of the best" quality work is beyond compare. Alis the owner is amazingly dedicated to her dentists and their patients. She listens to everything you want... and makes absolutely sure that, that is what you get! SHE IS A MAGICIAN!

She and her staff anticipate what "could" be needed and without fail deliver on any promise they make. Alis did 23 crowns for me. Each one was an art piece unto itself and should have been framed! I shall walk around smiling for the rest of my life and remember the artistic talents that went into my crowns both ascetically and engineering wise. They do not forget ANYTHING! A truly gifted experience where I feel blessed to have met A-Implant Inc. and work with them to provide me with the gift of functional and GORGEOUS crowns! If quality work embraced with true artistic abilities, is what you want, you have found it with them!

A. Bassett New York City

These folks are not only true Artists, but they also do their work with pride and quality customer service. A-Implant is a high-end dental laboratory that traditionally serves cosmetic dentist in the NYC Park avenue area. For years I have known them to be the hidden resource for some of the most high profile cosmetic Dental cases in the city. But few Dentists know that their fees are fair in consideration of the quality, and that they serve Dentist throughout the country who also want high end technically superior Dental lab service.

I have known Alis (the owner) for several years now and she has never failed me on providing the best lab work possible. She puts her whole heart into whatever she does. She is not afraid to reject a case for the benefit of everyone, but rather will work with you to make sure you will get the best results.

I have found that 99% of the time her fixed bridge cases just drop in without any corrections needed.

Dr. Wayne Y., New York, NY