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Who We Are

Providing innovative dental products and commitment to excellence since 1968, A-Implant Dental laboratory is well regarded in the industry as the most consistent, precision based and customer service oriented dental laboratory.

A-Implant Dental Laboratory offers competitive fees for the complete range of products and services. We provide the highest quality materials, latest technologies and unrivaled customer service.

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What we do

A-Implant Dental laboratory constantly seeks out products and services that match the needs and preferences of our customers.

Our dental products and services, from basic dental prosthesis to very complex custom made implant supported structures, are made for dentists to conduct minimal required procedures with maximum results and satisfaction of their patients. We are bound together by commitment, excellence and innovation.

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Case studies

Alis Case

Alis Case BeforeBefore
Alis Case AfterAfter

Upper and lower full mouth restoration opening bite 4 mm 28 single units, 10 units from 2nd Bicuspid to 2nd Bicuspid upper and lower is Zirconia copings build up with Vita porcelain all molars are PFM ...

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  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns (PFM)

  • CaptekTM

  • CerconTM

  • IPS Empress® Esthetic

  • IPS e.max®

  • DSzTM Zirconia

  • LavaTM

  • Procera®

  • Porcelain Laminate Veneers

Sleep Appliance Therapy

  • TAPTM Sleep Appliances

  • APM PositionersTM Sleep Appliances

  • SomnoDent®


  • Partial Frameworks (Vitallium, Vitallium 2000 Plus®)

  • Saddle-lock® Partials

  • Cu-sil® Partials

  • FRSTM Partials and Clasps

  • ThermoflexTM Partials and Clasps

  • Valplast® Partials

  • Dentures

  • Eclipse® Dentures

  • CelaraTM Technique

  • Tri-Denture Technique

  • VisiClear


  • AtlantisTM Custom Abutments

  • ZimmerTM

  • CenterpulseTM

  • Nobel BiocareTM

  • Biomet 3iTM

  • Astra Tech

  • BioHorizons®

Occlusal Therapy

  • Brux-eze® & Rem-e-deze® Bruxism Splints

  • DSG RelaxerTM (headache therapy)

  • Hard Acrylic Splints

  • Athletic Mouth Guards

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